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Backs up the important data on the user's computer
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Uses a wizard-like the interface to guide you through the process of backing up your files and folders. Choose the destination where the backups should be kept, select the folders that you want to be backed up and choose between the full backup, which archives the files or the mirror backup, which makes 1 on 1 copies.

If in need of a free backup solution for your data that includes backup encryption, password protection, and scheduling in a stress-free wizard-based environment, FBackup is a serious contender to consider. Its step-by-step intuitive interface and the security options it offers you to protect your data are probably the program’s two main assets.

FBackup has been designed to be of use to all home users who require a safe way to store a copy of their sensitive data. Being a free tool, the types of backup provided are limited to “mirror” and “full” backups, leaving incremental backups out of the scope of this tool. Mirror backups clone the structure of the original data in the location of your choice, while full backups zip the selected files and folders in a secure container that you can then compress and protect with a secure password. You can store your backups anywhere – from external storage devices to cloud storage solutions and from standard hard drives to network locations. Restoring your data from any of these locations is equally straightforward and secure.

The entire backup process can be fully automated thanks to the program’s scheduler. All you have to do is design your backup process and to let FBackup know when you want the program to launch it. You can add pre- and post-processing actions to your scheduled backups, such as deleting the old backup before creating the new one or to shut down your computer once the backup task is over. Thanks to its support for the Volume Shadow Service provided by Windows, the program can back up open files without interfering your activity.

FBackup is an excellent solution to all your basic backup needs. It works like a charm, and once you’ve defined your custom backups and scheduled them accordingly, you will not need to worry about the integrity and safety of your data any longer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a basic wizard and an advanced one
  • Offers a backup scheduler
  • You can test your backup beforehand
  • Includes filters to custom your backups
  • Option to encrypt backups


  • Incremental backups are not possible
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