FBackup 6.5.373

Conveniently create and schedule various types of backup jobs
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FBackup is intended to safeguard your data by making backup copies of them. Fortunately, the application supports various types of locations, including local and networked folders as well as several cloud services, such as Google Drive and DropBox. The use of this type of tools is crucial when preserving data integrity is the main concern.

The program has a very nice interface: in the style of the latest Microsoft Office suites. In addition, it is very easy to use, mostly if you create backup jobs with its convenient wizard. However, expert users can also switch to advanced mode, which increases the possibilities to customize backups to their specific needs. The whole workflow of creating a job starts when you define the source and target destinations. Besides, you can use filters, which let you decide what to backup or not. There are two copy modes to choose from. Thus, if you make a full backup, the program will zip the resulting files. On the other hand, in mirror mode, you will get an exact copy of the original files. Moreover, you can preserve the security of your data by using encryption and a password. Finally, recurrent jobs are easy to schedule so that they are run automatically without your intervention.

It is good news that this product’s features can be expanded by installing plugins, which are meant to backup or restore specific program settings. Luckily, there are plugins for practically all most common applications. Another advantage of this tool is that it can back up files being used by other applications, thanks to its use of Windows Volume Shadow Service.

All in all, it is good to have a program with such nice features without spending a dime on it. However, you should know that this developer sells a product with more features, named BackUp4all. This application does not have some of the limitations of FBackup, such as the impossibility of using an optical disc or an FTP location as target. It also supports many more on-the-cloud storage services and allows using a stronger encryption algorithm (AES). It is for you then to decide whether you want to spend a few bucks and gain these extra benefits.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very easy to use
  • Two modes: wizard and advanced
  • Job scheduling
  • Filters
  • Encryption
  • Features expanded by plugins
  • Two copy modes: full backup and mirror
  • Copy files presently being used


  • No support of optical drives
  • Cloud locations limited to GoogleDrive
  • AES encryption algorithm not supported
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