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Backs up the important data on the user's computer
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Uses a wizard-like the interface to guide you through the process of backing up your files and folders. Choose the destination where the backups should be kept, select the folders that you want to be backed up and choose between the full backup, which archives the files or the mirror backup, which makes 1 on 1 copies.

FBackup is intended to create backup copies of important data. The program has a great modern interface. For most tasks, you get the necessary assistance from various wizards. Moreover, these wizards can be run in easy or advanced mode, according to your expertise. Not only that, it also comes with various plugins that save you from the effort of selecting the data you want to copy. In this regard, there are such plugins for backing up the configuration data of various browsers and email clients as well as the contents of MyDocuments and MyPictures folders.

When you create a backup job, you need to make various decisions regarding files to copy and where to store them. Likewise, you should pick one of the modes: Full, which zips the data, or Mirror, which makes an exact unzipped copy. It is also possible to schedule jobs to automatically run with a given frequency or at a specified time. Finally, to protect sensitive information you can decide to encrypt the data and lock it with a password.

Most of the limitations of FBackup come from its actually being the free version of a more powerful tool, Backup4all. Thus, unlike the paid product, FBackup does not support many types of backups, like incremental, differential and smart, which have an impact on the efficiency of the process. Similarly, FBackup supports various target destinations, such as standard folders, optical discs, removable storage devices, networked drives and two Cloud services (Google Drive and DropBox); yet, it does not allow FTP servers and other Cloud destinations. In terms of encryption, the free product can only use standard algorithms, while Backup4all utilizes the much more powerful AES256. Finally, FBackup cannot send email notifications after executing a job.

All in all, FBackup is a great backup solution when you are running on a low budget and your project is not very complex. In this respect, if you feel you need more features, you should definitely try its paid version or continue looking elsewhere.

Pedro Castro
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  • Automatic backups
  • Password protection
  • Plugin support
  • Great interface
  • Automatic updates
  • Various backup destinations
  • Backups open files


  • Does not support incremental, differential and smart backups
  • Does not allow copying to FTP locations
  • Uses only standard encryption
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