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Create manual or automatic backups of your files and folders for free
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FBackup allows you to create security backups of your local files and folders so that you can restore them later in case of data loss. The program is rather intuitive and you don't need any special knowledge to use it successfully, except for basic notions about backup and restore. Its friendly and functional interface is also a great help for the users, especially for beginners.

The program allows you to create one or more backup jobs that can be executed either manually or automatically through the scheduler. For this you count on the so-called "New Backup Wizard", a tool that allows you to configure a new backup job based on four basic questions - where, what, how and when.

On the first step, you need to specify where you want your backup to be stored, being able to choose among a local directory, a network location or even a Google Drive account you should have configured previously.

The second step (what) allows you to choose one or more local files and/or folders to be included in your backup, and you can also create an exclude list to prevent certain types of files from being backed-up.

The third step corresponds to "how" question, and it basically allows you to select the backup mode between "full" and "mirror". "Full" mode creates a zip file with all your source files/folders, while "mirror" mode copies them as they are, without zipping them.

Finally, the fourth and last step (when) allows you to select whether you want to execute your backup job manually or schedule it to be executed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

All the backup jobs you create are listed on the program's main window, where you can execute, test or restore any of them. It's worth mentioning that FBackup also provides you with a restore wizard which turns it a very easy task as well. Also, the "New Backup Wizard" runs in simple mode by default, which is the most appropriate one for basic users, but if you are an expert, you can also turn to the advanced mode which offers you more possibilities. For example, in advanced mode you can enable encryption and set a protection password for your backup zip file, and set some actions to be automatically executed before and after your backup job, like automatic system shutdown.

To cut a long story short, I consider that FBackup is a powerful tool that will fulfill the backing-up needs of most users for free. Therefore, I would highly recommend anyone trying it, no matter whether he/she is a beginner or an advanced user.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly and functional interface
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Allows you to schedule periodic backup jobs
  • Its backup and restore wizards turn it really easy to use


  • The only cloud service it supports for storing backups is Google Drive
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