FBackup is free system backup software for Windows
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FBackup is free system backup software for Windows. It can back up any file and folder on your system to another location for easy restoring. The application uses wizards to ask you what you want to back up and where to put it, along with other, more advanced options. Additionally, you can do without the wizards and access the advanced mode, where all the settings are available for tweaking.

FBackup copies your files and folders to another location. It can copy your backups to a local hard drive, an external hard drive, a removable drive, or a network folder. Adding sources for your backup is as easy as selecting the folder or file that you want to back up from a Windows Explorer window.

Backups done with this application can be compressed and encrypted. Backup files are compressed using ZIP technology and the encryption is compatible with Zip2 standards. You can additionally split your backup files into files of any size that you want, in case you want to burn them to DVDs, for example.

The application has a scheduler and it can also launch certain applications before and after a backup is done if you specify so. All in all, FBackup seems like an easy application to use for file backups and users can choose from an easy and an advanced mode to create backup jobs.

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